Our Suffolk Alpacas

I am now selling my alpaca products under the name 'Suffolk Alpaca'. More details can be found on the Suffolk Alpaca website.                   http://www.suffolkalpaca.co.uk

Our three alpacas arrived in August 2014 after a frantic Summer holiday spent clearing the field, fencing it in and then building them a shelter.
They are delightful, gentle animals who are a joy to watch. Spending time just sitting in the field with them makes you feel refreshed and peaceful.

They all have very different personalities - Clement (white) is the watchful one; his head is the first to go up if you arrive home. Fergus (black) is the bossy one and very greedy. Norman (brown) is very timid with humans though holds his own well with Fergus.
Unfortunately alpacas do not like being touched! This is very difficult as they are so soft that you just want to fling your arms round their necks and bury your head in their fleece. They will tolerate touching, but their main fear is that they will get caught and eaten so their first instinct is to run away.

For me, having alpacas fulfilled a lifelong dream to keep animals that I could use for my textile crafts. With that in mind, it was important to choose animals who had different coloured fleeces. 
It took us quite a long time to find these boys as alpacas only have one baby(cria) a year and not every farm we went to had exactly the right mix in the right age!

I have been really enjoying making things out of the alpaca fleece. It is absolutely true that it is the softest most luxurious fleece - even softer than cashmere. It felts really well and spins like a dream. The cushions are even stuffed with alpaca which means they are soft on the outside as well as the inside! In 2016 I am holding specific alpaca felting workshops and the weaving workshops will be able to use my handspun alpaca yarn. See the workshop page for more details.      www.craftclasseswithclare.co.uk/dates.html