Workshop Dates


Winter 2017/8

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Workshops are held at (unless alternative is stated): 

 2 Rectory Cottages, Gt Waldingfield, CO10 0TL                                                                                                           (book online using the link above or email or ring 01787 371654

3D Felting with Alpaca Fleece beginners (or returners)

Friday 27th April
10.30 - 3.30 £39 including materials

Come and meet Clement, Norman and Fergus and then learn the magical craft of felting. A very simple craft, needing no fancy equipment, but producing amazing results - make yourself a superbly soft pot, vase, phone case or purse.

Super Spring Weaving

Friday 25th May

10.30 - 3.30 £39 

(returners learning new patterns - 1.15 - 3.30  £20)

Weaving is so relaxing - use recycled cardboard to create amazing seamless cushions, bags, pencil or phone cases or even design your own wallhanging. An ideal way to use up your stash of interesting yarns. I will also provide some handspun alpaca for this workshop. Returners - come in the afternoon and expand your technique into more complex patterns or bigger weavings!

Nuno Felting with Alpaca 

Saturday 2nd June

10.30 - 3.30 £45

Alpaca fleece lends itself very well to nuno felting as the fibres migrate through any materials very well. Use either cotton scrim or silk to create a deliciously soft and delicate scarf. Suitable for beginners and returners, but let me know if you have back problems as there is a lot of rolling involved!

Alpaca Slipper Workshop (returners)

Sorry, no dates at present.
10.30 - 3.30 (but maybe longer!)   
£45 including all materials

Alpaca fleece is incredibly warm so is the perfect material to make slippers out of. Create a custom-made pair to keep your feet warm and cosy. These have been left plain, but you can decorate as you wish. 

Best suited to those who have already felted before; if you are a beginner, please contact me before booking. Warning:This involves a lot of rubbing and rolling!


An amazing new way of dyeing using only flowers and leaves.

No new dates at present
10.30 - 3.30  £45 including silk material

By laying out flowers and leaves onto silk or wool, bundling them up tightly round a piece of dowel and then steaming or boiling, fascinating results can be achieved. I will provide small samples pieces of silk for you to use and a variety of fresh and  dried flowers and leaves. You are welcome to bring your own flowers and leaves as well or see what you can forage from our garden as this is a very experimental process.

If you would like to try dyeing on felted wool, make some pieces of white or light coloured felt no bigger than 30 cms square and bring them with you.

Also if you have any white or cream silk you would like to try, please bring that too.

Weaving at the Woolpatch, Long Melford

Another chance to learn the art of seamless weaving or to expand your patterns and shapes.

No dates booked for this at present.

Come along and learn how to warp up a cardboard loom and begin to weave! Start small and quickly build up your skills.  If you have already attended a weaving session, move onto creating small seamless bags or cushions with a flap.Or you could try some more exciting patterns! to book.

3D Felting -bags, bowls, hats, slippers

no dates booked for this at present 

Bridge Farm Barns

10.30 - 3.30 £35

Here's where it gets even more exciting - learn how to make a seamless 3D item using a resist. The felt starts out flat and then is shaped using your hands - the possibilities are endless!

Materials will need to be purchased in advance - please ask when booking.

Arm Knitting 

no dates booked for this at present

 Gt Waldingfield

10.30 - 1.00 £25

This is exactly what it says - knitting using your arms instead of needles. You don't even need to be able to knit in order to do this. And you can make a beautifully warm scarf in less than an hour!

Pre-Christmas Pamper

3D Felting with Alpaca Fleece  (beginners and returners)

No dates at present.

Give yourself a lovely relaxing day creating something amazing from alpaca fleece. Spend some time with the wonderful animals themselves and then learn how to felt a pot, a vase, a phone case or a small purse. You could also have a go a making some felted soap - a soap and flannel in one! Returners - fancy tackling something bigger?  A hat maybe or a bag?